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LEGO® Buddies

LEGO® Buddies is a virtual program for elementary schoolers from Alamance County Public Libraries. This program meets once a month on Zoom. For more information and to join the group, contact Ms. Tampa at

Resources from Past Meetings

Ice Breaker Video!

Lego Ships Fight Wave Onslaught (And Fails) by Canvas 23 Studios

Book Time!

Title:  The Mysterious Sea Bunny

Author & Illustrator: Peter Raymundo

Publisher: Dial Books for Young Readers (2021)

Age Range: 5-10

Summary: "Young readers will float away with loads of new knowledge about this fascinating sea slug species, and they'll be reminded to never judge a book by its cover--or a sea slug by its slime" (from publisher).

Access: NC Kids Digital Library link (login with ACPL card number and PIN):

Title details for The Mysterious Sea Bunny by Peter Raymundo - Available

Video Time!

Sea Bunny facts: the Cutest Sea Slug | Animal Fact Files

LEGO Building Challenge!

Build an ocean creature

Ocean Exploration

Click the link to check out what ocean animals are off the coast of NC at Cape Fear through this live stream video. You might even see sandbar sharks!

Frying Pan Tower Camera Feed

Ice Breaker Video!


Ice Breaker Question!

  • Has anyone been in a real tree house before?
  • Does anyone have a treehouse at home or been a part of building one?

Book Time!

Title: Everything You Need for a Tree House

Author: Carter Higgins 

Illustrator: Emily Hughes

Publisher: Chronicle Books (2018)

Age Range: 4-8

Summary: "A tree, timber, tools, a rope of twisted twine all all things you need to build a treehouse--but most of all you need time and imagination" (from publisher).

Access: NC Kids Digital Library link (login with ACPL card number and PIN):

Title details for Everything You Need for a Treehouse by Carter Higgins - Wait list

Video Time!

Timelapse: Nelson Family Treehouse by Animal Planet

LEGO Building Challenge!

Build a Treehouse

Things to consider:

  • how will people get into your treehouse? Ladder? Tire Swing? Rope?
  • how will you build a platform to support your raised build?

Video Time!

Inspiration: Simple LEGO Treehouse⎜A LEGO MOC by TD Bricks

Book Time!

Title: The Boy Who Grew a Forest: the true story of Jadav Payeng

Author: Sophia M. Gholz

Illustrator: Kayla Harren

Publisher: Sleeping Bear Press (2018)

Age Range: 5-10

Summary: "As a boy, Jadav Payeng was distressed by the destruction deforestation and erosion was causing on his island home in India's Brahmaputra River. So he began planting trees. What began as a small thicket of bamboo, grew over the years into 1,300 acre forest filled with native plants and animals. This book tells the inspiring true story of Payeng--and reminds us all of the difference a single person with a big idea can make." (from publisher).

Book Trailer: from Sophia Gholz on YouTube

Access: ACPL Catalog entry for print book:

The Boy Who Grew a Forest: The True Story of Jadav Payeng: Gholz, Sophia,  Harren, Kayla: 9781534110243: Books

Video Time!

VOICE OF TREES - The story of a man who planted a forest | India

What is Deforestation?

Deforestation Infographic Poster Teaching Resource | Infographic poster,  Teaching posters, Educational infographic


"What is Deforestation? Brought to you by The Fresh Kids News Network...Deforestation for kids" by The Fresh Kids of East London on YouTube

Book Time!

Title: Flora's Tree House

Author & Illustrator: Gabriel Alborozo

Publisher: Henry Holt & Company (2019)

Age Range: 5-10

Summary: "In one joyful afternoon, brother and sister discover that playing together is always more fun.This irresistible and thoughtful story about siblings has expressive, vibrant art as stunning as the adventures the children go on." (from publisher).

Access: ACPL Catalog entry for print book:

Flora's Tree House: Alborozo, Gabriel, Alborozo, Gabriel: 9781627792264: Books

Building Inspiration Images!

Zaha Hadid, "Queen of the Curve" (1950-2016) 

Zaha Hadid in 7 Minutes: What Makes Her Architecture So Extraordinary? by Curious Muse

Book Shared in Meeting: Building Zaha: The Story of Architect Zaha Hadid by Victoria Tentler-Krylov

Link to NC Kids Digital (login with ACPL card number and pin)

Title details for Building Zaha by Victoria Tentler-Krylov - Available

Building Challenge: Build one of Zaha Hadid's designs

  • Bridge Pavilion, Zaragoza (2008)


  • Guangzhou opera house, Guangzhou (2010)


  • Sheikh Zayed Bridge, Abu Dhabi (2010)


  • Heydar Aliyev cultural center, Baku (2012)


  • Vitra Fire Station, Germany (1993)


Top 5 Zaha Hadid Building Projects by B1M

10 Zaha Hadid's Architectural Masterpieces by Engineering8

Article from The Guardian: "Zaha Hadid's 10 best buildings in pictures"


Book shared in meeting: Maxine and the Greatest Garden Ever by Ruth Spiro

Link to eBook on NCKids (use library card number & pin to sign in)


Challenge: Build a Garden

Things to consider:

  • What type of garden

    • flower or vegetable

  • Other than plants, what kinds of things can you find in a garden?

    • Ponds, bridges, benches, gazebos, flower beds, sculptures 

  • What wildlife or animals might you find in a garden?

    • Birds, rabbits, squirrels, insects, fish


LEGO® Garden Machine MOC by The Brick Wall

Garden Build Inspiration Images

What is a Paleontologist?

a scientist who specializes in the study of life forms that existed in previous geologic periods, as represented by their fossils (

Women in the field of paleontology:

Check out these profiles of trailblazing women Paleontologists from the past and those working today in the present here from The Museum of the Earth.


Watch this interview with Dr. Francisca Oboh-Ikuenobe from the Paleontological Research Institution's Daring to Dig video series on YouTube:

Book Shared in Meeting:

Title details for A Dinosaur Named Ruth by Julia Lyon - Wait list

NCKids eBook link:

NC Museum of Natural Sciences:

Free general admission, located in downtown Raleigh, NC. For more info, visit their site:

File:North-Carolina-Museum-of-Natural-Sciences-20070321.jpeg - Wikimedia  CommonsNorth Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh, N.C. - Visit Raleigh  Family Fun Guide

Go on a virtual tour of their dinosaur fossil collection. Try the Terror of the South tour!

Check out these videos on more general info about Paleontology:

Garrett Morgan


Inventor of the 3-Light Traffic Signal Design

Garrett Morgan Toolkit - COMTO National

Learn more about Garrett Morgan here

Book Shared in Meeting:

Saving the day: Garrett Morgan's life-changing invention of the traffic signal by Karyn Parsons

Link to ACPL catalog entry

Saving the Day: Garrett Morgan's Life-Changing Invention of the Traffic  Signal (A Sweet Blackberry Book): Parsons, Karyn, Christie, R. Gregory:  9780316457262: Books

Check out a read-along video from Sankofa Read Aloud on YouTube below if you do not have access to the physical book!

For more biographical info on Morgan, enjoy this animated video from Insightful Black History on YouTube!

Book shared in meeting: Not Norman

by Kelly Bennett

Link to eBook on NCKids (use library card number & pin to sign in)

Title details for Not Norman by Kelly Bennett - Available

Goldfish LEGO Build Ideas


LEGO® Winter Special by MICHAELHICKOXFilms

LEGO® Snow Ball Machine by The Brick Wall

World's Tallest Snowperson

(link to Guinness World Records entry)

Residents of Bethel, Maine, USA, and surrounding towns, built a snow woman measuring 37.21 m (122 ft 1 in) tall, over a period of one month, completing her on 26 February 2008.

  • 13 million pounds of snow were used to build Olympia the snow woman. She was only a few feet shorter than the Statue of Liberty.
  • Eyelashes were made from eight pairs of skis
  • 48-ft-wide fleece hat
  • 8-ft-long nose made from chicken wire and painted cheesecloth
  • Lips made from five red car tires
  • Arms made from two 30-ft-tall spruce trees
  • 6-ft 6-in-wide snowflake pendant
  • 130-ft-long scarf
  • Three 5-ft-wide truck tires as buttons

Tallest snowperson 

Book shared in meeting (cut for time): How to Catch a Snowman by Adam Wallace

(Link to eBook in NCKids, use ACPL library card number and pin)

Title details for How to Catch a Snowman by Adam Wallace - Wait list

Building Challenge: Create something you would build out of snow. This could be a snow person or a snow structure of your own design.

Book shared in meeting: Every Night is Pizza Night

by J. Kenji López-Alt

Link to eBook on NCKids (use library card number & pin to sign in)

Every Night Is Pizza Night: López-Alt, J. Kenji, Ruggiero, Gianna:  9781324005254: Books

LEGO Definition: MOC, My Own Creation

"MOC is an acronym for My Own Creation. LEGO MOCs, therefore, mean LEGO My Own Creation, and are creations that have been designed and built by LEGO fans, using original LEGO bricks. These creations or MOCs as we call them, serve as proof that with imagination and a few LEGO bricks, you can build anything!" (from

Building Challenge: Design and build your own LEGO Restaurant.

Things to consider: To be a restaurant, the build needs a place to prepare food (kitchen area) and a place for people to eat food (seating area).

Are you building a restaurant that already exists or your own?

What food does your restaurant serve? Real or imagined? The type of food you serve can influence your design choices.

Book shared in meeting: Hardly Haunted by Jessie Sima

Title details for Hardly Haunted by Jessie Sima - Wait list

Victorian Architecture

Besides looking abandoned or run down, a lot of times the elements of a house's design that makes it look haunted are characteristics of Victorian Architecture.

"Victorian architecture is a series of architectural revival styles in the mid-to-late 19th century. Victorian refers to the reign of Queen Victoria (1837–1901), called the Victorian era, during which period the styles known as Victorian were used in construction. However, many elements of what is typically termed "Victorian" architecture did not become popular until later in Victoria's reign, roughly from 1850 and later. The styles often included interpretations and eclectic revivals of historic styles." (Wikipedia)

Architecture of Fear - the Victorian Haunted House    Victorian+houses | Buy A House With No Money Down & Bad Credit: Victorian  Style House | Victorian homes, Victorian style homes, Victorian style house

Victorian Design Elements:

  • Steeply pitched roofs--Churchlike rooftops
  • Bay windows 
  • Octagonal or round towers and turrets to draw the eye upward
  • Two to three stories
  • Wraparound porches 
  • Small gardens
  • Asymmetry: left and right side of things look different or don't match exactly
  • Grand staircases
  • Complicated layouts with multiple rooms including formal dining rooms, libraries, and parlors
  • High ceilings
  • Ornately carved wood paneling
  • Geometric tile hallways
  • Decorative fireplaces
  • Stained glass windows

In this Youtube video from EpikEpig101 watch a young builder discuss his unique design for a Haunted House build. Notice that he includes a backstory about the owner of the house. Besides their design, another element of "haunted" houses is the story behind the house! When building your houses get creative about why your house is haunted and add details into your build that tell your unique story!

Frida Kahlo

July 6, 1907--July 13, 1954

Mexican painter well known for her self-portraits.

What is a Mosaic? “a picture or pattern produced by arranging together small colored pieces of hard material, such as stone, tile, or glass.”

Frida LEGO Mosaic by Mexican-Canadian visual artist Karen Cantú Q

Make your own LEGO Mosaic by uploading a photo to this site:

Take a virtual tour of Frida's famous house turned museum, La Casa Azul:

MEXICO CITY | travelquest

Book shared in meeting: I am Frida by Brad Meltzer

Title details for I am Frida Kahlo by Brad Meltzer - Wait list