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LEGO® Buddies

LEGO® Buddies is a virtual program for elementary schoolers from Alamance County Public Libraries. This program meets once a month on Zoom. For more information and to join the group, contact Ms. Tampa at

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Patron Creations from LEGO® Buddies Meetings

LEGO® Inspiration Videos

How is LEGO®  made? | Maddie Moate, LEGO®  Duplo Factory

From Maddie Moate on Youtube


LEGO®  Bricks in the Making

from The LEGO Group on Youtube

How are LEGO®  Minifigures Made? | LEGO®  Factory Behind The Scenes

From LEGO on Youtube

LEGO®  Pizza Factory

From The Brick Wall on Youtube

LEGO®  Taco Factory

From The Brick Wall on Youtube

Making a LEGO®  Domino Machine 

From JK Brickworks on Youtube

8 Artists Who Create LEGO® Inspired Art

From Insider on Youtube

Sean Kenney’s Art Made with LEGO® Bricks: Behind the Scenes

From ImagineExhibitions on Youtube

Sisyphus LEGO® Kinetic Sculpture

From JK Brickworks on Youtube