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Book Club Kits: Fantastic Mr. Fox

Alamance County Public Libraries offer Book Club Kits for check out to area book clubs. Each kit contains 10 copies of a book and a reading guide.

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Book Summary

When Mr. Fox needs to feed his family, he usually just raids the storehouses of one of his vile neighbors, Boggis, Bunce, and Bean. All three were farmers, and all were particularly nasty and mean people. But when Boggis, Bunce and Bean finally get fed up with Mr. Fox stealing their chickens, ducks, geese, and turkeys, they decide that Mr. Fox, and anyone who happens to be in the way, must be destroyed. But no matter what they do, how much they obsess, or how much damage they do, that clever Mr. Fox seems to be able to stay one step ahead.

Discussion Questions

  • What do you think of Mr. Fox? Do you admire him? What qualities do you admire? Do you think he is wrong to take the chickens from the farmers?

  • How could Mr. Fox tell one farmer from another? How did he always know where they were hiding?

  • Why did the people laugh at the three farmers when the farmers destroyed the hill?

  • Would you be mad at Mr. Fox if you were Mr. Badger? Why or why not?

  • Why did Badger worry about what he and Mr. Fox were doing? Were they doing anything wrong? What makes you think so?

  • Can you imagine what Mr. Boggis, Mr. Bunce, and Mr. Bean will be feeling when they find out they have been outwitted by Fantastic Mr. Fox? What plans do you think they will make to get their own back? How will Mr. Fox outwit them this time?

The Fantastic Mr. Fox Movie