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Book Club Kits: The Reformed Vampire Support Group

Alamance County Public Libraries offer Book Club Kits for check out to area book clubs. Each kit contains 10 copies of a book and a reading guide.

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Catherine Jinks

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Book Summary

Nina Harrison became a vampire in 1973, when she was fifteen, and she hasn't aged a day since then. But she hasn't had any fun, either; she still lives with her mum, and the highlight of her sickly, couchbound life is probably her Tuesday-night group meeting, which she spends with a miserable bunch of fellow sufferers, being lectured at.

But then one of the group is mysteriously turned to ashes . . . and suddenly they're all under threat. That's when Nina decides to prove that every vampire on earth isn't a weak, pathetic loser. Along with her friend Dave, she hunts down the culprit ─ and soon finds herself up against some gun-toting werewolf traffickers who'll stop at nothing.

Can a bunch of feeble couch potatoes win a fight like this? Is there more to your average vampire than meets the eye? 

Discussion Questions

  • What is the Reformed Vampire Support Group? Why did Nina and her friends join the group?

  • Why does Father Ramon lead the group?

  • Why do the group’s members refuse to feed on humans when human blood makes them healthier and stronger?

  • How do the vampires in this book compare with other vampires in other books you’ve read? Do you like these vampires? Why or why not?

  • Often vampire characters are very worldly and accomplished, but the vampires in this book are weak, unattractive and unhappy. Why do you think the author chose to portray them in this manner?

  • If you were to become a vampire or werewolf, would you try to stay with your family and let them in on your secret (like Nina) or disappear and leave your family to wonder what happened to you (like Rueben)? Why?

  • If one of your family members were to become a vampire, would you be willing to take care of him or her for the rest of your life?

  • Describe Nina’s relationship with her mother. Does Nina relate to her mother as a child or an adult?

  • The vampires in the group were different ages when they were turned. How is Nina’s vampire experience different from Bridget’s, who was 82 when she became a vampire?

  • Although Nina appears to be 15 years old, she is actually in her fifties. Does she behave more like a teenager or an adult? Why?

  • Why does Nina write the Zadia Bloodstone books? Why do some of her vampire friends object to her writing the books?

  • Do you believe that Horace was influenced by the Zadia Bloodstone books when he fanged Dermid?

  • Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf? Why?

  • What would be the benefits of immortality? What (if any) are the negative aspects of living forever?