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Book Club Kits: The Wrong Mother

Alamance County Public Libraries offer Book Club Kits for check out to area book clubs. Each kit contains 10 copies of a book and a reading guide.

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Book Summary

Sally Thorning is watching the news with her husband when she hears a name she never thought she’d hear again: Mark Bretherick.

It’s a name she ought not to recognise. Last year, a work trip Sally had planned was cancelled at the last minute. Desperate for a break from her busy life juggling her job and a young family, Sally didn’t tell her husband that the trip had fallen through. Instead, she treated herself to a secret holiday in a remote hotel. All she wanted was a bit of peace – some time to herself – but it didn’t work out that way. Because Sally met a man – Mark Bretherick.

All the details are the same: where he lives, his job, his wife Geraldine and daughter Lucy. Except that the photograph on the news is of a man Sally has never seen before. And Geraldine and Lucy Bretherick are both dead…

Discussion Questions

  • Why is the novel called The Wrong Mother? Does the title refer to a specific character in the book?

  • Is Sally a sympathetic character? Are her reasons for having a fling understandable or do you disapprove of her?

  • Is Nick a good or a bad husband? What about Mark Bretherick? And Jonathan Hey?

  • Do you see what happens to Sally subsequently in the book as a punishment for her having been unfaithful to her husband? Is the book taking a moral stance over extra-marital affairs? (The answer to this is no, by the way!)

  • What is the book saying about motherhood in the book? How do Sally, Encarna, Geraldine and Cordy differ, in their behavior as mothers?

  • What does the sociological theme of 'family annihilation' killings add to the book?  How does it resonate with the main plot?

  • Do you see the novel as having a feminist agenda in any way

  • Is Jonathan Hey evil, or are his crimes understandable?

  • What point is the book making, if any, about the role of grandparents in contemporary families?

  • Are the little girls in the novel --- Lucy, Amy and Oonagh --- goodies or baddies? Is it possible for a child to be a baddy, or is a nasty child's behavior more excusable than a nasty adult's?