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Book Club Kits: They Did it with Love

Alamance County Public Libraries offer Book Club Kits for check out to area book clubs. Each kit contains 10 copies of a book and a reading guide.

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Kate Morgenroth

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Book Summary

Secrets lurk under the smooth surface of a wealthy Connecticut neighborhood, until a murder reveals all

Sofie and her husband have left Manhattan in search of a more tranquil life in the suburbs. But when a member of Sofie?s new neighborhood book club turns up dead, things get messy. She discovers that everybody has something to hide, including her own husband. Her neighbor Priscilla has been married to Gordon for fifteen years, but the love left their marriage a long time ago. Susan is Priscilla's biggest supporter until she has to choose between loyalty to her friend and telling the truth. Ashley is eager to fit in, but her youth and status as a second wife keep her on the outside. She may know more than they think she does, though. Julia seems to have it all - the perfect house, job and husband. But her untimely death has people questioning how perfect her life really was. Through this swamp of suburban secrets, Sofie must wade to find the truth behind Julia's murder and the state of her own marriage. They Did It with Love is a delightful, twisty, and twisted exploration of the things we'll do for love.

Read an excerpt from the novel.

Discussion Questions

  • There are several different marriages and serious relationships portrayed in the novel. Which ones do you think will survive for the long haul and why do you think those characters work as a couple?

  • Would you join Priscilla’s book group if you were invited?

  • Priscilla has very specific rules for her book group. Do you agree with her rules or disagree with them? How important are rules in your book group (supposing you are in one)?

  • Is your community like the one that Morgenroth portrays here, with competition over holiday decoration and parties and secrets from your neighbors? Would you characterize your neighborhood as a close community?

  • Do you think that a community in the suburbs is more prone to secrets and competitive nature than a community within a city? Why or why not?

  • Did you relate to Sophie’s fears and concerns about moving out of the city to a suburban environment? Have you made a similar move and were you glad you did?

  • If you are living in a small town or a suburb now, could you imagine yourself living in a large city?

  • Did you figure out who the murderer was before the reveal?

  • How did you feel when you discovered who killed Julia? Did you feel sympathetic to the murderer?

  • What clues does Morgenroth give to the murderer’s identity throughout the novel? Are there false clues that point to others?